5 Dec 2019

Renewable Energy Resolution Passes City Council

Submitted by sierraclub

We are celebrating the passage of a renewable energy resolution voted on unanimously by the city of Greensboro. Many of us have been working on this for over 18 months. I want to thank each and every one of you who helped our RF100 team here locally and others who worked in the Solar Power Now Coalition. The city voiced their appreciation for our patience in working with them, meeting with council people, and taking the time to craft the best possible resolution as the first step in hopefully many more to come.

Our work is pushing Greensboro to take significant steps to reduce carbon emissions and commit to a more sustainable future.  They would not be doing this without the hard work and organizing of all of us, and the many other leaders in the Solar Power Now coalition and supporters. Special thanks go to Shawn Berry, Dick Mearns, Barry Alexander, Toni Lindahl and so many others in the Sustainability movement who wrote letters, contributed money, and helped with research and technology.

The 100% clean energy language is used throughout the resolution and we were able to reinsert critical language about “the participation of diverse stakeholders, including business, academic, civic and faith based sectors, and communities of color, limited-income residents and environmental advocates, to steer a transparent and inclusive process for developing a strategic energy plan.” See resolution below. The city also specifically asked if this would make the RF100 list of cities, so it’s good news that they want to be included in the national conversation.

"And BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT:  the City Manager, or a designee, shall establish a diverse community partnership comprised of city staff, residents, corporate partners, and other interested stakeholder, to collaborate, and provide guidance in developing the Strategic Energy Plan; the Strategic Energy Plan shall be submitted for review an consideration by the City Council within one year; and officials and staff will consider all municipal decisions in light of whether they will bring the City and its residents, businesses, and institutions closer to achieving the goal of 100% renewable energy.”