Ready For 100% Clean & Renewable

What is Ready For 100?
Ready For 100 is a national movement of people working to inspire our leaders to embrace a vision of healthier communities powered with 100% clean, renewable energy. We are asking mayors, CEOs, religious leaders, principals, civic and community leaders, parents and students to commit to solutions that help us achieve 100% clean, renewable, and just energy across the United States by the year 2050.

We are different from traditional grassroots campaigns in a few ways. Ready For 100 (RF100) is a distributed campaign, creating networks of local leaders who support each other in building a powerful, well-organized movement from the ground up. Local volunteers are working city-by-city pursuing equity through transitions to 100% clean renewable energy that center the needs of affected communities. And nationally we’re building a movement amplifying these stories to demonstrate that 100% is not only possible, but it is happening now. These two strategies are working together to collectively shift the national public will to transition our energy sectors to a just 100% renewable energy future. 

And there are over +100 local teams working to equitably transition their communities to a 100% clean, renewable energy. Find a campaign near you!

How can I join or launch a Ready For 100 Campaign near me?

Joining this campaign means you are committed to the mission and values of Ready For 100, acknowledge and work to address oppression and discrimination, and share a desire to create a 100% clean, renewable energy future that is just, equitable, and inclusive. By signing up to be a community leader in the RF100 campaign, you are committing to modeling our Guiding Principles in the work you do, and to ensuring that the volunteers and partners you bring into the campaign are also aware of and committed to practicing them.

Find out what your city and local Ready For 100 Campaign is doing to make clean energy and all of its benefits--jobs, low costs, cleaner air and water, and greater energy choice--more accessible to you and your community.

Contact the local organizer, Kathe Latham, and see how you can get involved in the Campaign!